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Are you ready for a pet? (Cats)


Continuing from our previous post earlier this week, we are moving on to cat care!


Cats need a little more than dogs do. But they are relatively cleaner pets but equally loving in companionship. Here are some things your kitty needs:

1. Kitty Litter Box

Cats normally like to do their business neatly in the same spot, so it may be best to leave the kitty litter box at the same place! It may also take some time before you find the most suited brand of kitty litter.


2. A Soft Bed

Although cats can sleep pretty much anywhere, some cats prefer nest-type beds, and some just insist on snuggling up to you in your bed. 


3. Scratching Post

Cats love to scratch. So a scratching pole would definitely keep your furniture safe. However, it is important to note that the scratching pole you get should be stable with a heavier base so that it does not topple easily. It should also be taller than your cat when it stands up, outstretched.


4. Food and Water Bowl

Most vets recommend stainless steel food and water bowls because it is cleaner and easier to sterilise. Some owners prefer plastic or ceramic ones because of their cute designs. However, it is still up to you to keep them clean and safe for your cat.


5. A Collar (optional)

We personally feel that a collar is important, though optional because it allows you to identify your cat, especially if you have an ID tag on the collar. Most owners also attach a bell so they know where their furry pal is!


6. A Carrier (optional)

This would be very useful on trips to the vet! Sometimes cats also like to climb in for a snooze so it can also double up as a bed.


We hope this has been helpful for you, on the basic needs of a pet dog and cat. Do remember that any kind of pet will be great company but ultimately you have to ensure you can afford both the time and money to keep a pet. If you have any queries, do send them in to our Facebook page or leave a comment on the blog post, we would be most happy to respond to them!

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