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Are you ready for a pet? (Parrots)


You may come across cute and fluffy animals peering at you like this:

You can’t resist their charms and think to yourself, “I want one.” But before you head to the pet store to get one, how well do you know these fluff balls?


PARROTS are known for their beautiful plumage and have a wide range of species to choose from – from the small, chirpy Budgie to the large and squawky Macaw. Most commonly known as a beginner’s pet, people tend to forget that Lovebirds are parrots too and they are highly intelligent as well. Small birds with big personality. Parrots are a bundle of fun and affection but they will be noisy to a certain extent so you have to be prepared for it. Today, NUS Peace will be introducing three commonly owned parrots: the Lovebirds, Conures and Cockatoos.



Life expectancy: Can live up to 20 years old.

Size: 13 to 17 cm

Noise level: Relatively low but can produce shrill chirps occasionally.

Characteristics: They are gentle creatures that may become aggressive and territorial over their own space. However, they can be fiercely loyal friends to their owners.

Cost of pet: Approximately $80 – $120



Life expectancy: Can live up to 30 years old.

Size: 21 to 48 cm

Noise level: Low to loud, depending on the type of conures. Green-cheeked Conures are typically much quieter than Sun Conures.

Characteristics: They are comical and cuddly but can be shy at times. These little creatures are charismatic and can attract your attention straightaway with their quirky behaviours, ranging from hanging upside down to dancing to lying on its back. However, there are different breeds of conures and each group has its unique personality.

Cost of pet: Approximately $300 – $500



Life expectancy: They have an average lifespan of 50 to 70 years and some may even live up to 100!

Size: 30 to 66 cm

Characteristics: Similar to the Conures, the Cockatoo family also has a wide range of its kind. Generally, Cockatoos are very vocal and are great speakers. They are great performers, being able to pick up tricks at an astonishing speed. However, Cockatoos require a lot of attention. If neglected, it may lead to feather plucking.

Cost of pet: Can range anywhere from $800 to $20,000, depending on species.



Parrots are omnivores. Thus, pet bird food comes in many forms such as seeds, nuts, pellets, fruits and vegetables. You may even purchase vitamin or mineral blocks for your parrots. You can also feed animal-based proteins, such as well-cooked, unseasoned chicken, turkey or fish. As a general rule, keep their diet varied, each of which in moderate amounts.



The general idea is to choose a cage for your parrot according to its size. Of course, the bigger the cage is, the better but most of us do not have the luxury of space. As a guide, a cage should not be smaller than 50 cm by 50 cm for lovebirds. The larger a parrot is, the more space he requires. Therefore, ensure that your feathered friend can move around and stretch itself easily. If its living space is too small for your bird size, it would not be happy and may injury itself as a result.

You may also take this opportunity to become an interior designer! Decorate their cage with perches, tents and bird toys so that your pet bird can stay comfortable, active and well-engaged!

Now that you know more about our feathered friends, we would be introducing our small, furry friends. Stay tuned to the next post!

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