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Adopt! Don’t shop!



Here are 7 reasons why you should adopt a dog instead of getting one from the pet shop.


  • Savings!


Adopting a dog would help you save cost since puppies sold in shops often cost way more than adopting a dog.


  • Dogs at the shelter have normally already been sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped.


This brings you even more savings, more money that could be channelled to getting the  best food and treats for your new best friend.


  • Most dogs at the shelter are already pretrained.  


Dogs at the shelter would have been trained and disciplined to follow particular regiments


  • You would be able to find a dog that suits your personality.


People who run the shelter and volunteers would be able to assess each dog at the shelter on their personality and temperaments, so you would be able to choose a dog that suits your personality or your household situation. For instance, you could get a sweet natured dog in a house of young children.


  • You would be given the satisfaction of saving a life, a feeling no money can buy and a a great companion for life.


Most dogs at the shelter are there because of their previous owners’ difficulties not because they have done anything wrong. The dogs would be most grateful to you to have given them a home and they would be most happy to be in your company.


  • Adoption would help alleviate the pet overpopulation situation.


As most pet mills are motivated by profit, more puppies would technically mean more profit for them. But there is always the case where not all the puppies are bought and these puppies eventually grow older and become more difficult to sell leading to an overpopulation of pets.


  • The bond you’ll share with your new best friend will be strong as ever.


A dog that has been abandoned before is usually eager to become part of a loving pack once again. They adapt quickly to new families when they feel secure and safe.

However, you should also take into consideration on whether you feel you are ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a dog owner. Do remember, a pet is for life.

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