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Madam Wong Shelter Trip Highlights


By Rebekah

Hello there!  Recently some of our volunteers have been paying visits to Madam Wong’s Shelter. Our duties include walking the dogs, bathing them and helping clean their kennels.  Here are a few highlight pictures of the resident furry pals that stay at Madam Wong’s shelter.

Most of the dogs are incredibly friendly.

(Most of the dogs in shelters are mongrels ( mixed breeds). They are really friendly and energetic)


Occasionally , we get to bring the dogs to an open-run area where they get to chill and relax :)

( Occasionally, we get to bring some of the dogs to an open-run area so they can play or chill)


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.39.12 pm

( This is Pepper, one of the oldest dogs in Madam Wong’s Shelter. She is a docile 14 year old Golden Retriever who loves to be hugged)



( Some times, after walking the dogs, we have a bit of free time to hang out at the cat enclosure. Most of these kitties are adorable and well taken care of.)





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