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Project Fin – Movie Screening & Roadshow! 18th & 19th January (Wed and Thurs), NUS Central Library Theatrette


19th January, Save The Date!

As a prelude to the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities, Project: FIN typically steps up their education efforts in their best attempts to curb the cruel practice of consuming shark’s fin.

This year, Project: FIN and NUS PEACE will be collaborating in a roadshow and movie screening of Sharkwater at the NUS Central Forum. As part of the educational roadshow, we intend to serve mock shark’s fin soup to students to emphasize the fact that shark’s fins are essentially cartilage, and does not contribute any taste to the soup.

Movie: Sharkwater

Date & Time: Booths – 18th & 19th January (Entire Day);

Movie Screening – 19th January 2pm & 6:30pm

Venue: Booths – Walkway outside NUS Central Library;

Movie Screening – Central Library Theatrette

Price: Free!

Kindly register yourself @ so that we can properly register you for the movie screening.

Sharkwater is a multiple award-winning documentary that gives a glimpse into the cruel multi-billion dollar shark fin industry.

Shark’s fin soup is usually one of the dishes served in weddings or other celebrations, such as the upcoming Chinese New Year. Millions of sharks are killed annually to feed a rising demand for the dish, even though shark’s fin is actually tasteless. The industry has contributed to mass reductions in worldwide shark populations and animal welfare breaches as the sharks are sometimes finned while alive before being thrown back to the sea, where the finless sharks are left to die a slow painful death.

The delicacy also contains high levels of mercury, yet many continue to put their health at risk by consuming it. We understand that a significant number of families still continue to purchase shark’s fin soup during this period. We would be conducting sampling of mock shark fins at the roadshow in an effort to inform the public that shark fins have no taste, and that the same soup can be made using alternatives.

The recent NTUC Fair Price announcement to discontinue the sale of shark’s fin also gives us great encouragement and motivation. So do come down to know more, get involved and take a stand in this glorious new year.

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