Education is one of the greatest gifts that any given individual around the globe can ever hope to be given in their lifetime. Anyone who has ever experienced the challenges and rewards of education knows this all too well. Education is an industry that functions and thrives on the tail of the understanding that the influence and the power of education is all about working towards becoming better, more informed versions of our former selves. Through academic, intellectual, and even personal enlightenment, there is a lot to be said about the tremendous room for potential that comes with educating oneself and actively and consistently committing to that education.

Recognising the many advantages in education

There are many challenges that come hand in hand with education, however there are also many advantages as well. In most cases (and for the most part), these advantages significantly outweigh the challenges. There are many valuable skills that are taught through education. Each of them of course has its own advantages, benefits, and merits, however there are some that are more wholly valuable than others. There are many advantages in education, with one of the biggest and best of those advantages being that education gives individuals the means and opportunity to better themselves, educating themselves on the world and how they and others experience it on the daily. 

Understanding that writing is one of the most valuable skills

Without a doubt, one of the most valuable skills that education teaches is writing. Whether it is learning to write a letter to principal or expanding on your writing skills to become a writer one day (to name a few examples), being able to write is a valuable skill that is used most often. In fact, the more we dive into the digital era, and the more time that we spend online, the more valuable sound (and even – and especially – exceptional) writing skills are. You never know when you are going to have to submit a resume or cover letter for a dream job, or write an OP-ED on an important topic that you are passionate about (again, to name a few examples). Most importantly, of course, is the fact that writing is the written expression of the self. And you should always make a point to know your voice.

How writing is a lifelong skill set 

At the end of the day, writing is a lifelong skill set because it is so often used throughout one’s life. Even the most basic of writing skills can make a world of difference when it comes to the ease and efficiency of your self expression and the opportunities that you carve out for yourself. It never hurts to be a great writer and given that we write so often in our daily lives (even if just on one’s phone or iPad, or even in their old school journal), being comfortable and familiar with your voice in written form is an incredible asset.