You have done it – gotten yourself onto campus for higher education and the slew of independence and responsibility that comes with it. Sometimes this newfound freedom can be crushing because like a caged bird whose doors have been flung open, you do not know where to begin or might go overboard and overindulge, sacrificing what should be at the top of your priorities: your grades. To avoid being overwhelmed, here are a few tips to keep the new uni student grounded. 

Prioritize your grades

When you are faced with the decision to work on an assignment or to go out, always choose the former. When everything is done and ready for submission, you can enjoy the uni life. Not only will this help keep your grades in check, it might even improve productivity as you would want to get your work out of the way as soon as possible so you can join the latest campus event or hang out with your new friends. 

Birds of a feather flock together

It is completely fine to turn to a classmate for some assignment help but better yet, you will find priceless friendships when you forge them over hours of working together on your respective assignments. As they say, you are the five people you spend the most time with and you want to surround yourself with productive friends who are able to encourage one another to do their best and then go out and reward yourselves when you truly deserve it. 

Set a routine

Humans are creatures of habit, so it is important to cultivate a schedule. Otherwise, you might start to fall into disarray. Practice good habits such as having meals at fixed times down to when to bath. It will help keep a sense of security, plus you can incorporate exercise into your lifestyle so you stay fit, healthy and steer clear of the freshman fifteen. Plus, exercise or even a mediative session will help prevent you from being too stressed and allow you to clear your head with it gets too much. All the habits you cultivate for yourself now will be able to determine the kind of lifestyle you fall into when you graduate. 

Prevent burnout

Burning the midnight oil and trying to stay productive all the time is not the best option – it is simply not sustainable because we are only human and we might suffer something called… Burnout. It is not easy to get over burnout because it will leave you feeling unmotivated and lazy, much like how Bilbo described it: “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread”. Therefore it is important to recognize the warning signs: feeling fatigued, mounting stress, excessive worrying, distracted eating and experiencing writer’s block. When that happens, it is time to take a break, go for a run, indulge in a hobby or do what uni students do best and party!