As far as academic experiences go, abroad study is the ultimate adventure. Education is something that is a privilege, and when we are lucky enough to have access to it, it is made even more special when we are presented with opportunities for growth and excitement. Of all those opportunities, studying abroad is definitively and without exception one of the most chaotic, exhilarating, and rewarding opportunities there is. You will seldom find anyone who says that they regret taking the leap of faith and studying abroad. But why? What is so special about international study, and why should anyone seriously do it? There are many reasons that international study is such a positive experience to have, but ultimately they can all meld into three pillars, three ultimate reasons to take the leap and expand your horizons.

Travel makes you more confident in yourself

Studying abroad will make you nervous in the beginning. You will be effectively thrown out of your comfort zone. And then it proves itself to be this incredible experience that is quite literally is life changing. When you take the leap, you are doing so because of your decision to do so. Pursuing education overseas puts you in a position of self-growth (especially if you are studying in a country where you do not understand or speak the language). Abroad study makes you more uncomfortable than ever in the beginning, and then it makes you more confident forever. That is its magic, its lure, its life lesson.

Being somewhere new means you meet different people

Being a student anywhere can be socially challenging, what with the time constraints on due dates and the overwhelming nature of academic success. Studying somewhere new inevitably puts you in a position where you meet new people, and because you are in an entirely new place, you are more likely to network and forge connections that you would perhaps have otherwise brushed off, were you back home in your usual environment. When you are studying, you can study with these new friends, and when you are taking a break or have a weekend arrive, you can take some time off and go on adventure with these people.

Studying abroad makes you more accountable

More than anything else, studying abroad makes you more accountable for your successes (and your failures). Whether it is going out of your way to find adequate PhD proposal help, or staying in to work on your last assignment instead of going to a party with your friends, studying abroad forces you to take full accountability for your progress and consequential successes. This is because you have none of the usual structure of being settled into your classroom at home, of studying and submitting to a familiar schedule. Additionally, you also inevitably want to explore this new place, and must force yourself to study before you can play sometimes. This is an incredibly valuable lesson, and it will make you not only a better student, but a more organised individual in life.