2019 is set to be a monumental year in many ways. K Pop is set to go truly global, the elections in Thailand will be monumentally significant and we eagerly await to see whether Trump will win another year in office. 5G will soon be upon us, Alibaba will lose Jack Ma and KNK will supposedly make a comeback. In the field of education, especially online education, prepare to be hit by a wave of trends that will upend the industry and way education is delivered globally, largely as the result of evolving technologies. Here are a just a few that industry experts anticipate in 2019:


Artificial intelligence-based assessment will allow teachers the ability to be provided with consistent feedback, enabling them to better support students in reaching their goals through customised feedback and learning approaches.


New virtual systems designed specifically to accommodate remote exam proctoring will allow students to appear for exams from any location, using high-tech video, image and audio streaming to ensure students are not cheating during examinations. This is biggie, especially for students in the developing world or those living in remote communities who struggle to access schools and universities due to economic or physical reasons.


In a similar vein, consistent improvements in virtual technology including the development of 5G networks in North America will allow virtual classrooms to at last become a high-definition reality. No matter what subject or course students wish to study, be it ancient Latin or Asian study courses, they will hopefully soon be able to access such a course online from wherever they are located in the world, enabling equal access to education for possibly the first time ever. Mobile learning, live webinars and online web training sessions are just examples of how we will see this play out in reality.


In the working environment, technology will continue to support the consistent upskilling of those employees who seek to do so for career development. With more courses online than ever supporting hybrid skills and personalised learning, together with huge growth in modular learning, employees will be able to find courses in an instant that will suit their individualised needs and career goals.


No longer will this only refer to kids playing computer games but to the wider world of education. As the gamification of education becomes increasingly sophisticated and we see games similar to Nintendo Labo cropping up in stores worldwide, we will also see their use grow in the classroom. It comes as no surprise really, how better to engage young students in learning than through the pretense of game playing?


Improvement in learning management systems will see more teachers adopt such systems into their teaching strategies in 2019, particularly due to LMS’s ability to assess and track student progress. Bespoke LMS packages will continue to be developed which can cater to the needs of any educational organization.

There you have it – the classroom of 2019, upon us already.