For many, navigating the world in school as a student is similar each day and with each growing year. The student listens to the teacher, taking in and soaking up all the knowledge they can to pass their exams in finish their papers on time. However, from the teacher side of the classroom, coming to school each day is a little different that it used to be. All teachers were once students, but not all students become teachers. Teaching is said to be a selfless profession as the people most passionate about education dedicate their life career learning effective ways to teach the youth of the world. Teachers grow young minds into educated adults that will hopefully pursue a higher education degree like JC economics tuition or even entering a technical field. Each school year teachers spend more time with their students than anyone else. Something that students often don’t know is how much teachers learn from them. Teachers learn so much from their students. From ways of effectively communicating their instruction to the individual lives of students outside of the classroom, teachers can be outstanding role models for kids just as much as the kids can be role models for them.

Teaching is first, effective communication. Teachers must stand in front of a classroom and facilitate daily discussions that spark learning and encourage learning engagement. For some teachers, learning how to communicate to their students can be a challenge. Especially for many first year teachers, learning how to navigate teacher life can be difficult. For teachers in their first year of educating, it wasn’t long ago that they were students themselves. Understanding ways to effectively communicate stems from learning the cognitive development of the varying ages of students. Teaching is teaching, but teaching different age groups can be a challenge. For example, teaching a room full of five year olds in kindergarten will demand an entirely different type of teaching and communicating strategy compared to students even two grade levels higher in second grade.

Learning how to communicate with students comes with time spent in a classroom and personal growth as a teacher, but having a passion for teaching is natural. Some teachers unfortunately enter the education field without fully understanding what type of career they will have. Any teacher can say that all the education in the world will not prepare one for what actually being in a classroom is like. Having a passion for teaching students as a teacher is something that either one has or they don’t. If a teacher is not passionate about their job, they will be in for a miserable 40 years of their life career. To be happy in any career, one must have passion for it.  Teaching is the most effective way to learn. Individuals that wish to understanding if they have mastered a subject must first teach it to others. Whether one is an elementary, middle school, high school teacher or even a college professor, all teachers alike are the unsung heroes of every field. Every doctor, lawyer, artist, or musician all had a great teacher at one point in their education that help mold them into the professional they became.