The world is changing, and education is just one of the industries that is changing with it. thanks to technological advancement and digitalisation, we are currently in an era that has never been more interconnected or convenient, than it is right now. At its very core, the idea of education is to strengthen an individual’s skills and talents. When individuals become students, they take on the commitment and the accountability of being driven and even motivated to work towards academic excellence and the best version of themselves possible.

Most of the world has been exhilarated and ready for the digital evolution, but industries like education are traditional in their foundations, and for them the burn has been a little slower for tech adaptation. In fact, education is quite the slow-burning industry in itself. Students who study via the online exam system are the first generation of what is sure to be an exciting, revolutionary movement towards online examinations and overall education. But why?

Technology equals efficiency

In this modern era, the generations that are up and coming through the education system currently are individuals that have grown up in a world that is increasingly reliant on technological evolution. Quite simply, technology refers to anything that is designed with one goal in mind: to make the lives of individuals around the world more efficient.

Thanks to technology, we can travel faster, eat faster, move faster, learn faster, and expand faster. Everything in life today has been digitalised, on some level, to be a stronger, more relevant adaptation of a past ideal. Online examinations provide students the opportunity to learn in the most efficient way they know how: with technological implementation.

Students these days thrive best when using technology

The rise of technological advancement has come with students who have grown up in a world where technology is available at the tips of their fingers always. Students today are the same individuals who have grown up surrounded by smart televisions and smartphones, the beginnings of AI in the home (virtual home assistants), and even semi-electronic vehicles. With this type of upbringing, a natural inclination to technology is inevitable.

Now that these generations are developing into students, they are expectant that their learning experience will mimic the environments they are most used to. With such a strong inclination towards technology, it is not surprising that students today thrive at their best when technology is implemented into their learning experience. For this reason, online exams will bring out the best in students.

Online exams allow for students to be more flexible

Studying online is something that has been a great topic of discussion over the years, but lately it has become more and more common place. When students take exams online, they are able to be more flexible with their study leading up to exams, which leads to them feeling much stronger mentally going into the exam. Additionally, online exams are efficient because they give these students the opportunity to sit exams in an environment that feels most comfortable to them, rather than a crammed examination room with the sounds of sick fellow students and a ticking clock on the wall.