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11 Best Amazon Summer Internship jobs


What is it like to intern at Amazon?

If you’re thinking about a summer internship, Amazon internship programs can be exactly what you’re looking for! These programs are widely recognized, and the participation in them can be a ticket to your future job.

The Amazon high school internship programs are available in a wide range of disciplines and usually last for 12 weeks. Programs are mostly designed for engineering undergraduates, MBA, and Ph.D. candidates. Students need more free time and look for a coursework help service for students.

Amazon Summer Internship Jobs

You may ask yourself why do you need to participate in the Amazon internship experience? Well, this could be a good opportunity to develop your skills and a strong kick-off for your career. Also, it could be a great way to earn a little money. You can check Amazon internship salary rates on the Internet easily by clicking on the official cite.

So, let us take a look at the jobs for interns at Amazon.

Software Development Engineer Internship

Amazon is now looking for an intern for a Software Development Engineer position to join the technical development team in the headquarters office (Seattle, WA). The candidate should be currently studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering or other technical program connected to software development (at Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program). The candidate should graduate university between December 2018 and September 2019.

Required working schedule – 40 hrs per week for 12 weeks in a row (August-December 2018).

 Amazon Summer Marketing Internship

Amazon is also looking for a Marketing intern to join the Marketing team. The candidate will be conducting marketing campaigns on the Internet and optimize content through different channels. This job requires planning, managing and measuring the results of marketing campaigns from European markets. A Marketing intern will work on developing and testing online content and implementing the online marketing strategy.

Amazon Future Engineer Internship

Being the future engineer intern at Amazon, you will work closely with the technical manager, as well as your intern colleagues. You will get a great experience of working with new technologies and unique tools. As the part of the engineering team, you will have the opportunity to study the network and collaborate with Amazon leaders, visit unforgettable events and create long-term bonds.

Amazon Public Policy Internship

A Public Policy Intern will collaborate closely with the team to provide consistency between the goals of a business and governmental policy. The candidate will work on developing activities in collaboration with the government, suggest improvement of strategies, etc.

 Amazon Logistics Internship

Logistics program intern will be responsible for managing materials and resources, controlling stock and storage, planning internal movement and distribution. The candidate will communicate with suppliers and customers, manage distribution channels.

Amazon Performance Media Internship

A candidate for Performance Media Internship will be part of a media team. Candidate must be result oriented, have analytical skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills. This intern will also be involved in several marketing initiatives and will learn, first of all, how to configure, execute, observe and optimize traffic campaigns.

Amazon Business Analyst Internship

Intern on this program will mainly analyze customers’ demand and needs, define scopes, and evaluate business processes. The candidate will have to study trends, competition and market to evaluate and improve a company strategy.

Amazon Computer Science Internship

Intern participating in this program will have to provide computer support services to the company, it’s servers, programs. This internship program also requires the management of IT services and the database administration.

Amazon Accounting Internship

The Accounting intern will give assistance in all Accounting areas to obtain experience and knowledge of the profession. A candidate who will participate in the Accounting Internship program will assist the accounting assignment, bookkeeping, cash book management. This person will carry out accounting analyzes, manage insurance documents, labor charges, conduct consultation and collect documentation.

Amazon Product Manager Internship

Product Manager Internship program requires work connected with the tracking of performance in terms of sales strategy and profitability, conducting and managing trends research, identifying opportunities for new products, services. The intern will plan and manage the development of products, analyze impacts and profitability of products, improve the product according to the needs of customers and the market.

Amazon Human Resources Internship

A Human Resources intern will be an assistant in the human resources department and will provide job posting, screening of resumes, recruitment of candidates. The candidate will also provide support with planning interviews, conducting interviews, controlling spreadsheets and documents. He (or she) will be responsible for maintenance of data and performance of management system.

Amazon Web Service Internship

A Web Service Internship program is seeking a candidate who will work on custom coding, design, and layout of web services. The candidate will be responsible also for the integration of data from various services and databases, creating and maintaining documentation for software, etc.

Amazon Mechanical Engineering Internship

A candidate who will participate the Mechanical Engineering Internship Program will conduct feasibility studies and mechanical equipment projects, elaborate technical specifications for external contracting (projects, equipment, systems, and services), help to develop technical requirements and orientation of projects.

 How can you get a summer internship at Amazon?

  • Send your application online through Amazon’s recruitment page.
  • Apply by the referral of some coworker of Amazon. Ask him (her) to provide you with a referral for an interview. If you don’t know any of Amazon’s employees, you can find someone working here through LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • Send the direct email to the HR manager. Don’t forget to attach your resume and motivation.
  • Apply through you college – Amazon collaborates with some colleges for recruiting purposes.

Amazon internship interview questions

Interview questions for internship programs usually relate to your specialty and the specifics of an internship program that you would like to take part in. You can find many examples of interview questions on the internet.

Advantages and disadvantages of an internship. Conclusions

Unpaid internships are the great opportunity to know the reality of your professional area. It can help you gain a lot of experience and give you winning chances. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a summer internship.

First of all, Amazon summer internship 2018 will enrich your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Think like a recruiter. What do you prefer: a candidate with no experience or someone who already has a contract with a reality of work? From a purely analytical point of view, a candidate with professional experience will be more valued in the labor market. Internship experience reveals your proactiveness, which is always highly valued. In addition, the internship enables the development of a good network of contacts. Working in your professional area allows you to develop useful contacts.

How about the disadvantages? The first and most obvious disadvantage is the lack of payment and lack of working conditions. In many cases, interns do not get the same working conditions as those hired. In addition to that, the fact that the work is not highly paid can be discouraging for many interns.

Although unpaid internships are a good way to enter the labor market, they are not a single possibility. The internship is not a guarantee, but rather an opportunity for paid work.

Obviously, there is no consensus on unpaid internships. There will always be advantages and disadvantages. The key to getting the most out of the stage is to use all the advantages in your favor. Even if the internship does not guarantee you a future hiring, however, it can be one of your best prospects.

It Is All in the Science – Studying STEM Courses


The decision to study any type of degree is often a heavy one, and for those who choose to commit to higher education for four full years, often have, at the very least, the semblance of a plan for their professional future. Students commit years of their lives to graduate and then go on to prepare to begin their careers. For some, that preparation comes in the form of crafting an investment banking resume template, while for others it comes with internships and training days to train them up for their newly forged career.

One of the most difficult fields to work towards, and then successfully get into, is the fields that are categorised under the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) umbrella. Historically, there has been a significant gender gap in  female students who take on STEM courses, and male students. With the help of strengthening online education methods and platforms, studying subjects of such substance has never been more inclusive, but there is a long way to go.

For the inspiring young women (and men, for that matter) that are currently taking on STEM studies – or even aspiring to – there is one piece of advice that is crucial to balancing (and exceeding) one’s studies. Science is not one of those branches of education that can easily be sidestepped around, with minimal effort put in. To yield successful results, all students studying courses that fall under the STEM umbrella must pay attention. This may seem obvious, but put it this way: if you do not go to a class, and you do not understand the definition of something given in the standard issue text, then you opt out of having the chance to learn any other definitions that may be easier for you to understand. Effort matters.

Due to its precise nature, STEM courses demand a lot of forethought, effort, and even repetition. When studying heavy topics, it can be incredibly beneficial to go over the content covered multiple times. Doing so allows students to familiarise themselves with the content on a level that, with each repetition, almost becomes second nature. Over time, this increased repetition results in a resurgence and consequential ingraining of the information into the individual’s memory, allowing them to better maintain important information.

STEM degrees are among the most difficult that a student can take on, and it is incredibly important that all students aiming to excel in studies of this nature are prepared for the intense time ahead of them. Studying, revision, research, assignments, and last minute cramming all come together to forge what can be an immensely stressful experience if the individual is not adequately prepared for it. More than anything, science is a branch of education that attracts future pioneers of human development and revolutionary discovery. Therefore, the skills needed to tackle such prominent topics in the world today (and in the future going forward) rely primarily on determination, commitment, efficiency, and accuracy. These are the four cornerstones for choosing to study STEM for higher education purposes.

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