School is an integrated facet of many developed societies. Whether one attends public or private school after their PreK years, they are still in some type of structured form that demonstrates the foundational principles of learning and obtaining a proper academic education throughout childhood and adolescent development. School and getting an education are important. Those early years set students up to be anything they want to be if they have the intellectually ability to succeed academically to get into which private colleges or other higher education institutions they choose. Picking a college can be hard, but preparing for college can be even more difficult.


College preparation can truly take a lifetime of learning. Starting in kindergarten and even before then, early intervention of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and reading programs allow students to get ahead and begin their academic career being ready and able to take on any task given to them. For some students it seems as though academics come easy to them whereas others may struggle. Unfortunately, for the students that struggle in early academic life, it can take a lot of catching up before college if they are continually left behind year after year in elementary, middle, and high school. Preparing for college takes the right amount of academic desire for learning and obtaining a degree. To get into college, a student must have excellent study habits to excel at academic standardized tests required to get into the school they wish to attend. Aside from the tests, they must also obtain the right grades that a college will accept. Generally a 3.0 and higher are good grades to land a scholarship. The most important thing about going to college is making sure the tuition is covered. Whether government aid and grants or scholarship and private loans are used, paying the tuition is the only way to ensure a student gets to keep going to college. A student must make sure to budget out their finances to allow for tuition to be paid each semester.


Deciding to get a degree and going to college can seem daunting at first. It’s a lot of money and it is also a lot of time to dedicate to an education right out of high school, but getting a degree will ultimately lead to more opportunities. Many jobs now require some type of degree to even get considered for a position. A lot of jobs used to just require a high school education, but as the workforce continues to advance, so do the qualifications necessary for the job tasks. Now as fields expand and become more niche markets, the type of employee sought is often someone who specifically specializes in certain areas that can help the company grow. Many diverse minds can make great teams. College is meant to foster an environment that allows their students critical thinking skills to carry on past graduation and into the work environments to work on great teams and develop outstanding projects that carry onto higher achievements.