Over the years the battle between whether or not a university degree is necessary has been fought. People believe that school, university, a job, and marriage is the way life is supposed to be, and even today many want to live up to those societal standards. Education as a whole doesn’t refer to just acquired knowledge from institutes or online courses, more broadly it describes acquired learning on a day to day basis. In a way, one can get an education without ever going to school or university. However, many believe there is still a requirement for degrees in order to get employed full time and get a better salary.

When some of the most successful people are talked about many times the most common characteristic is that of autodidactism. These people strongly believe that it is necessary to learn every single day, they also usually read a lot. Even then, it is seen that big companies and other employment opportunities come easier to those with higher education qualifications. That is when the question about the importance of degrees arises. Most successful people have proven to be intelligent and capable without a degree. However, even in the world of millennials, where everything is available digitally, where social media dictates actions, people are still judged on their ability to avail higher education.

What a formal education indicates is one’s availability to dedicate time and effort into learning about their chosen careers. Some people believe that people with a degree have acquired better skills in terms of writing and speaking. However, in today’s world where everything can be outsourced, where companies can get professional essay writers just by looking online or freelance digital marketers in a span of minutes. Therefore, where skills can be so easily found, and even more easily acquired the real importance of a degree can be questioned. Yet there is still a higher employment percentage and earning potential for those with a degree, even today.

However, how important are a formal education and a degree in times where every bit of information is readily available in people’s fingertips? Online courses as education are becoming more lucidly accepted publicly by day, even some of the most highly acknowledged institutions are providing online courses. Online education seems to be the future as it is convenient and demonstrates the skills one can acquire by simply dedicating ones attention to the knowledge one wants. It is important to realize that online education requires an amount of disciple which can be difficult to practice for a lot of people. Concentration is also a big factor in autodidactism, one must be willing and able to learn. These characteristics, in general, make for better employment positions.

While degrees continue being a major factor of employment a lot of big-name companies are starting to allow it to dissolve as a requirement. This is because more and more of the job positions available are internet based and training for them is available everywhere. Places like Edx, Coursera, Udacity and more are creating a big shift in terms of formal education. Some companies like HubSpot and Google are also starting to provide courses for their particular features like CRM or analytics. Overall, it is necessary to not that in today’s world a degree won’t be as important as it used to be because people are coming to accept that it, in reality, doesn’t portray a person’s caliber.