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In the year 2018, study tips that included the use of hi-liters and sticky notes are no more. To succeed in college or further educational pursuits, students do not utilize paper and pencils, dictionaries and thesauruses. In the digital age, to succeed, students must learn how to utilize technology to their advantage. USNews provides an explanation for the new study tools students are exposed to online. Whether you are studying for some of the best project management courses or studying for the SATs, these tips will surely help ease some of the study stress.

Utilize a schedule
A tip that can be applied to any student in any course or any school, studying for any exam or any homework assignment, would be to utilize a schedule, which can in turn help keep students organized in order to ensure that they are studying regularly and to completion. Using reminders or task lists can help ensure that study time is used for studying what needs to be studied and completing what needs to be completed. During study time, it’s important to ensure that there are no distractions that may take away from the study time. That means turning cell phones off, blocking websites for a set time frame, or going somewhere comfortable may be necessary. Every student studies differently, too, so music and background noise may be needed for some students, whereas others may find them distracting.

Do outside research
Doing outside research on both courses and degrees help students ensure that they are preparing themselves for a career that they are interested in and able to pursue. Speaking with professors outside of class, scheduling a meeting with an adviser, and seeking help from campus resources, like the tutoring center or the career services office, will help students learn further information on their field of study and their future career.

Utilize communication technology
When struggling with homework for a coming exam, rather than waiting until the next class, utilize technology that allows for faster communication. A phone call may help with complicated matters, whereas an email or chat message through a school’s messaging system will ensure that matters are handled quickly and efficiently and that students are receiving the help that they need quicker. Some students are even studying with others by using social media, closing the gap between scheduling study sessions and actually studying with the help of others. PMP exam study materials are available for those studying for project management courses. Other similar study materials are available online, complete with downloadable handouts, videos to watch, tips for specific exams, and more. Even google searching for ‘study tips’ or ‘exam help’ will produce millions of search results, especially if the exam is a common one, like the SAT, the ACT, the LSAT, the MCAT, and more. These study groups and online study technology could be the make-it or break-it for the course or test that’s surely to be stressing students out.