student-employability-1024x683.jpgMarketing is one of the oldest professions that anyone can think of. But even in the current world, marketing remains an important and relevant field. In fact, marketing is an integral part of any organization. It’s no wonder more and more job opportunities keep emerging in the marketing industry.

It is good to remember that marketing is not relevant only to people who want to pursue it as a career. As long as someone is thinking of running a business or an organization in the future, marketing is one of the courses they ought to study. In other words, almost everyone needs to have some marketing skills regardless of their profession. However, it is important to know what one needs to specialize in when studying a marketing degree.

Types of Marketing Careers

  1. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is someone responsible for creating marketing strategies in relation to the market possibilities, characteristics and markup factors. The manager is also responsible for coordinating and directing marketing activities in relation to advertising. Finally, the expert is responsible for budgeting, monitoring product developments and return on investment (ROI).

  1. Sales Representative

As a marketing representative, one has a duty of engaging with prospective clients through various formats. One may use one on one conversations, telephone calls or social media networks, to reach out to potential clients. The expert is also responsible for recommending products to customers. Finally, a sales representative ensures that customers’ complaints and issues are handled well by relevant departments.

  1. Marketing Research Analyst

A marketing research analyst is expected to examine the local, regional, national and international markets. They do this by gathering information on products that people consume and how much people are willing to spend. The task ensures that appropriate campaigns are developed and executed so as to maximize sales and profits.

  1. Sales Manager

A sales manager is responsible for resolving issues and complaints in relation to sales and service delivery. The expert is also responsible for overseeing junior sales managers and helping them in ensuring smooth service delivery. Finally, the sales manager reviews operational reports and records for profit regulation.

  1. Public Relations Specialist

This is someone responsible for electing a spokesperson for the organization. He ensures that objectives and promotional policies are well understood by other departments. Finally, the expert ensures that right communication channels and policies are created so as to maintain good public image.

  1. Advertising Manager

This is someone responsible for planning and directing advertising policies, producing posters, coupons, giveaways and conducting contests so as to attract customers.  In addition, an advertising manager is responsible for producing advertising content that will be used to advertise and promote the company’s products.

  1. Management Analyst

This expert is responsible for conducting research and evaluating the design systems and tools with the aim of improving efficiency in the operation of the organization. The expert is also responsible for developing reports with findings and proposing possible solutions to the problems identified.

Regardless of the career field that one chooses, studying a degree in marketing can help one become a better professional and possibly a better business person.