Essays are an important part of our education system. It helps student nurture their research skills and come up with some unique idea in their content.  However, with changing times more importance is given sometimes to short questions. A student’s life is busier than ever and writing long essays only adds to her list of woes. Grammarly explains in a very concise way what exactly is needed when writing an essay. Here are a few tips that might help students take it easy.

Make sure it has original ideas

One of the main aims of essay writing is to enable the students to come up with their own ideas. The skill that you need for this is researching. Knowing more about the subject will help you with your brainstorming.

Have a solid logic behind your conclusion

An essay should be written in such a way so that both the sides are represented well. If there is a debate it should be backed up by strong evidence. Same goes for the conclusion you draw.

Avoid Fluffy language

Do not use fluffy language or unimportant information for the sake of lengthening the article. If you include points that are not relevant to the topic at all, it will only show your lack of expertise in the particular subject.

Support your findings with facts

Facts will make your essay a lot more convincing than anything else. Hence, if you are writing an essay that might need facts, go for it. Use the facts to form the base of your argument. Quotations are great too. Include them wherever possible.

Use clear, simple and lucid language devoid of grammatical errors

You can use as many short forms and weird grammar while texting but you need to completely delete them from your mind when writing an essay. Short, simple, precise sentences work best. Make sure you do not make grammatical mistakes and avoid typos.

Write a storyboard before starting

A storyboard is nothing but the essay that you are about to write only in short concise points. Start with the introduction, and go on to the conclusion. Write down what you plan to include in those sections, from where you are going to take help, how many words it will be – everything. This way when you start writing in real, it will be a lot easier.  Here are some more tips from experts in this article from The Guardian.

Depending on your urgency take help

The above-mentioned points might help, but it might not if you have to submit an essay very soon and you are clueless as what you should be doing. In these situations, write custom essays with help from others. Reliable, proficient writers can help you with your work.

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