Having a tough time to meet ends? That’s the story for a lot of NUS undergrads. From student loans to stationery, accommodation, Netflix downloads and weekend outings, there are a lot of things to take care of. A part-time job and your pocket-money are not always enough and you have to be mindful about serious money saving hacks. We wanna help with some serious money saving secrets for all college students:


One of the best ways to save on your college fees is to search for scholarships. If you are in financial trouble, write to your NUS department. You might be granted a bursary. Otherwise, there are several philanthropic organizations that award scholarships to needy and meritorious students.

Make use of your student ID

Your student ID card is a handy tool to grab discounts. From eateries to retail shops to fashion houses to electronic stores- there are many outlets that offer special discount to students. You just need to flash your ID card to enjoy a nice 5-10% savings.

Make a budget

This is one of the most important tips to save money for all students. You need to have an organized expense structure if you are struggling to save. Make a budget with a list of all expenses. Note how much you want or need to allot to each of these areas. There will be two separate lists – one for basic necessities and another for avoidable extras. Make a separate column where you will jot down how much you actually spent for all those items. At the end of the month, calculate the differences between your estimated expense and actual expense. Depending on your situation, you might have to cut down on some of the avoidable expenses.

Try to save money on internet plans

Some broadband provider offers special student deals at discounted rates. Otherwise, you can go for 1-2 year extended contracts to grab rebates. Make sure to get a comparative study on multiple broadband companies to find the most competitive rates.

Look for free VPN services

NUS students often opt for VPN services to access geo-restricted content for their research. Many VPN services are actually free. Some of the most credible VPNs extend the free service with no limitations on time and data. The best free VPN providers also assure support for both desktops and mobile phones.

Use campus facilities

Try to use campus facilities as much as possible to save money. For example, if you are planning to join a gym, use the gym at your campus instead. Gym membership at NUS is free. Money saving is all about being a smart, organized and mindful about your expenses.

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