Are you taking a distance course for an Australian university or education provider? Have you just received your first research assignment from that institution? Well, if you are a new college student, it’s natural that you would be looking for a proper guide to assist your writing. Your professor might have given some idea on your topic or methodology but writing a full-fledged paper involves many other tools.


Seek professional help

If you think you will lag behind on a deadline, consider seeking professional help. There is online assignment writing in Australia services such as AssignmentHelpers. The company is armed with veteran writers who know how to write proper assignment papers for universities in the country. They are well equipped to finish a quality research project within a tight deadline.

Proceed with in-depth research

Australian universities are very strict on the research standards and so be mindful the depth of study or research for your assignment. You will most likely get 15-20 days for the research. In this time try to find out as much relevant information about your topic as you can. Access the online library of the Australian university to find sources. If your professor has already approved your topic, chances are high that you will get data from that institution. After this, check out other journals, ebooks and websites online for a deeper insight.

Prepare your thesis statement

Before you start to formulate your paper, you will need to create your thesis statement. This statement will be a sentence or so that will sum up your whole paper and purpose for your assignment. It should be clear and succinct to help the readers understand your stand or approach on the assignment topic.

Know the outline

It’s a must that you create an outline before you start writing the actual draft for the paper. The outline shows you a sketch of your contents so that you get a clear idea on what to include at each point.

The essay will begin with an introduction which will introduce your idea to the reader, mention the thesis statement and offer a sneak-peek on what to expect from the following chapters. In short, the reader will get an overall idea from your introduction.

The next section of outline is the main paper body. This is where you will elaborate about the main angle of the project in segmented paragraphs. It will house all your data, fact findings, case studies and supportive arguments. You will also mention counter arguments if they are relevant to the context. If you offer any evidence, don’t just state it. You would have to analyze & interpret it as well to prove your point for better marks.

The final part of the outline is the conclusion. This is a summary of all the main points you have discussed in the paper body.

Don’t forget to keep a section for bibliography or references.

Cite your sources

You will definitely need to use case studies or authoritative quotes to give your assignment more merit. It’s great practice, just make sure you cite the sources on every page.

Be smart with your topic

The success of your assignment depends largely on the nature or angle of your topic. Don’t pick something that involves too wide a focus as you will generally have a tight deadline. Rather, concentrate on something that covers a comparatively narrower scope so that you can muster up the research within a reasonable time. Also make sure that it is something that can actually connect with as you will most likely be spending a lot of time researching and this will help you stay motivated.

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