• Make Sure you are Hiding your IP Address

When thinking of intranet safety, it is important to consider the idea of hiding IP addresses. There are some protection-enabling technologies that can keep your IP address from being compromised. Your important data could be exposed to the internet without taking precaution to get the protection you need. One way to keep your IP address safe is by getting a VPN. A VPN makes it so your location cannot be identified when surfing the intranet. This is a way to make sure that hackers can’t see what location you are surfing the internet from.

  • Use a Password Manager

A password manager is a good idea because it allows you to share less information with tech giants such as Facebook, according to CNBC. These companies make it so you can login to multiple websites with the information from another login. For example, options will pop up on Facebook asking if you want to login with Amazon etc. This can give these tech companies access to what you are doing, which might want to be avoided.

A password manager can allow you to have as many different passwords as possible, which can make it harder for information to be compromised to these tech companies. Password managers also make it harder for people to guess your login information or for hackers to get ahold of multiple accounts at once.

  • Use a Safe Browser

Some browsers offer protection against social engineering malware. The best ones to use for greater protection are: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. These browsers will also block questionable files from being downloaded on your computer.

This may appear as common sense, but many people get tricked into meeting someone who are not who they say. Some cases are minor and someone may have told a small lie about appearance, but regardless, being lied to is a red flag in the first place. There are some simple ways to make sure you know who you are talking to.

The first is to search their name on Google and make sure multiple photos of them pop up that match with the profile you met them on. The next is to look into their LinkedIn and check workplaces etc. When looking at their social profiles, look for tagged photos with other people. If they are tagging friends and vice versa, then they are almost definitely the person in the photo.

This might seem like common sense, but many people are fooled when navigating online relationships. It is also important to maybe try to face time them if they are hesitant to meet up. Being proactive is a way to ensure people are who they say they are on the intranet.

The digitalization of society adds many benefits, but also creates some dangers. Make sure to be educated about your online navigation and invest some time in learning intranet safety.