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We are a society driven by digital technology. Digital technologies are growing at an exponential rate. The impact of the Internet on human history is only comparable to the invention of the wheel and airplane. There are countries where people do not have running water, but own smart phones and internet. The net has provided a game-changing impetus to business activity. Digital marketing is one of the many off-shoots of the internet and has tremendous applications in the world of business. It makes use of online channels, especially the social media, for marketing, advertising and communication purposes.

A humungous amount of content is being generated and shared via social media and messaging apps. As per estimates, a whooping 3.3 million people write a Facebook post and 29 million messages are distributed through Whatsapp every 60 seconds. Marketers have their work cut out to make their messages and brand visible in this huge ocean of activity.

Big Data refers to the large amount of data that inundates the business and marketer of today. AI helps companies to learn about customer behavior and to know how, where and when to use the data. Companies should be specific about how they plan to use the data to meet their objectives and priorities. The savvier companies are using data to create personal, tailor-made marketing messages.

Brands are compelled to innovatively reach out and engage with their customers in the new business environment. Amid business disruption, many sectors need to be creative in order to compete. For example, in the financial sector, financial institutions are experimenting discovering new ways to engage with customers in wake of stiff competition from the likes of PayPal.

Customers expect a certain amount of transparency in today’s digital world. In order to build customer loyalty, companies and brands need to be open and demonstrate their openness through their digital marketing efforts. This is especially relevant in the food sector as consumers are conscious about the contents of their food.

Digital Marketing creates an equal opportunity for all companies, big and small. Gone are the days when only companies with deep pockets enjoyed a monopoly over marketing and advertising. Smaller companies have access to the same digital tools that are used by their larger counterparts. Digital Marketing is less expensive than print advertising. It also has a wider reach as countless people access websites and sponsored posts on social media. There are many SEO companies that generate traffic and build leads for businesses. Digital marketing opens up a new world of marketing opportunities such as email campaigns, content marketing and search engine optimization. As everyone is online, more people see the ads.

A business can expand its reach, increase its brand value and offer a rich customer experience by creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Technology evolves day by day, and businesses that proactively adopt and polish digital practices can race ahead of their competition.