The way search engines rank website pages are forever changing and to make sure a business website stays up to date where SEO is concerned, one should make use of professional SEO services. If you had to adhere to every single search engine rule for ranking your page as high as possible, you would be working on your website non-stop! Thankfully, not all factors of SEO are equally important. Here are the top factors that impact your SEO ranking:


When creating content for your website, you need to take a few things into consideration. More and more people prefer reading content that has subheadings, making it easier to scan through. Reading an in-depth article that spans about 3500 words takes time and people tend to move away from that. Thus, keep your content short but keep it interesting and plagiarism-free; from the very first word to the very last. When writing about a specific subject, make sure you cover only that specific subject and not any other things that are relevant to it. Rather create a separate blog post for that.


This forms a very important part of SEO. Over the years, search engines have learned to dispose of the seedy backlinks and only keep the ones with authority. When adding backlinks to your content, make sure these links are trustworthy and use reputable anchor text. You need to monitor the quality of the links you add to your website and if you choose, you can even reach out to other trustworthy partners for backlinks. In order to make your backlinks and anchor text reach more attention by search engines, you need to promote the content with force by making use of social media and other means of promotion.

Mobile-friendly websites

An increasing number of people prefer to go to websites on their phones rather on desktops as it is not possible to always reach a pc when you are searching for something on the go. Therefore, search engines crawl mobile versions of websites rather than desktop versions in order to rank that particular website. In order to make sure your website is mobile-friendly, you need to check the quality of images, of text and the loading speed of your website when viewing it on a mobile. The better the quality of the website and the faster it loads, the better your chances are of having a higher SEO ranking.

With so much content around the world and digital media growing at a rapid pace, it is becoming a relentless task to keep your website ranking on the first page of search engines. Having said that, you need to create unique content that people carve and opt to come back to your website to read more of the content you create. That, paired with great SEO, you will soon reap the benefits of having a brand that people are aware of and want more of.

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