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Why Modern Law Firms Are Sworn To Digital Marketing

[Disclaimer: This is an uncensored and unedited article submitted by a student at NUS. We have recently experienced cases of students publishing articles on NUS Digital that contain advertisements or spam, and we are deeply sorry for such cases. In those cases, we removed the articles promptly thanks to whistleblowing from our readers. If you believe this article contains any subtle advertisements, spam or offensive content, please report it for us to review. Thank you.]

Internet is the go-to resource for anything we want to know or search in the digital age. Todal, people will almost invariably take the virtual route while searching for legal counsels. Nearly 40% of people opt for internet while looking for legal assistance – be it a Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer or a Phoenix PI attorney. This stand-alone fact is enough to fathom the increasing importance of digital marketing for legal firms. Let’s look at how digital marketing helps law firms:

Helps to cater to a growing online audience

This is certainly the most important benefit of digital marketing for lawyers. Internet is perfectly entwined with modern life. It’s not just Gen X & Y who are using internet. Older generations too are fast taking to the world wide web in their daily course of life. The volume of internet users is amplifying with each passing week. Such a situation makes it mandatory for lawyers to make themselves visible online. In fact, more than half of your clients will first check the internet when looking for a lawyer. So, no matter how qualified you are, if you are not online, you will miss out on a huge chunk of your clients. A robust digital marketing campaign is crucial.

To survive fierce competition

Your digital journey starts with a website. But you also need a strong SEO and internet marketing campaign to boost your website rankings. With more and more lawyers joining the internet marketing bandwagon, the competition is fierce. Just having a website won’t do. You have to arm it up with the SEO-friendly strategies and other internet marketing tools to stand out in the crowd.

To gain marketing edge through expert content

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is content marketing. Lawyers can use blogs to discuss expert legal insights and updates. Quality posts will command high readership that would consequently encourage Google to elevate your blog to the top. It’s natural human tendency to restrict an online search to the top few links. We hardly look past the 3rd search page. So, if you can increase your Google ranking through blogging, you will easily gain a competitive edge over your contenders.

Easy networking with social media

Social media assures strong networking opportunities for lawyers. You can use your social profile to keep the world updated about your latest wins or landmark settlements. It will in turn leverage your reputation to a wider audience. You can also use a social media page to share links of new blog posts or marketing videos. An efficient social media campaign will fast take your brand to your niche audience on social platforms.

Final words:

Digital marketing is always more economical compared to traditional advertising. Most digital ads will take no more than $2 a click. Moreover, it’s free to market your profile on social media. On the other hand, there are many free website building platforms that offer SEO-friendly websites at no additional charge.

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  1. This is a great introduction to digital marketing for lawyers. SEO and PPC for professional services such as law firms remains a highly competitive vertical. In data provided by Wordstream, the most expensive keyword in Google Adwords are from the business services sector and legal related keywords are 4th, with a jaw dropping average cost per click of $54. Digital marketing competition in the finance and insurance industry is also cutthroat with soaring CPC. One way for professional service companies such as law firms to compete in SEO and PPC is to consider exact match domain sites which can be set up as a micro sites to drive traffic. Exact match or phased match websites have an inherent advantage when it comes to attracting clicks and traffic from searchers.

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