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A new product always seeks a great sales page; a business might have a full-fledged website, but when it comes to the exclusive promotion of a product, a standalone sales page is far more important. However, the mere presence of a sales page won’t be enough to create a stir from target audiences. A sales page is like the curtain-raiser for the product and should be equipped to highlight the item at its very best. It must be optimized with a bold heading, right placement of CTA, strong focus on the product benefits, and other nuances that will pull a crowd. When you aspire to work in digital marketing, it’s crucial to understand what it takes to design an effective sales page.

Understand your client’s customers

First try to understand your client’s customers and their problems: learn how the new product can solve their issues and improve their lives! The whole purpose of a sales page is to pinpoint a problem and then dish out a solution through the new product. Study the client’s specific audience before you set out to design the sales page, and focus on emphasizing the product as the ultimate fix for the customer’s problem.

Stress the most important features separately

Follow a well-structured layout throughout a sales page so that readers will absorb the main idea at a quick glance. Apart from text paragraphs, it’s good to create a separate box for added emphasis on the most lucrative features or benefits of the product. Place the box on the upper part of the sales page so that it’s one of the first things readers will see as they enter the page. You can take this example from an amazing Comcast internet deals sales page. Notice how the page gets you hooked to the sales copy with separate boxes for the best features of the deals and services.

Compelling Headlines

Did you know the headline of your sales page is five times more significant than the entire body? As per ad legend David Oglivy’s tips for sales copies, the heading is 80% of the total sales page and must be extremely compelling. Focus on catchy bold headlines that will entice powerful emotions from readers. It shouldn’t be too long or too short: a perfect headline beckons a meaningful piece that inspires readers to delve further into the sales copy.

User testimonials

Social validation is crucial to enhance the credibility of a product. It’s natural human behavior to wager on a tried and tested formula to eliminate risks of loss or damage; it would be wise to insert user testimonials in places throughout the sales page to leverage the trust factor of the product before the readers. If the product has just launched, you can use testimonials from the testing phase. One testimonial can be used just after the subheading, and others can be scattered within discussion of the features or benefits of the product.

Numbers are pulling

Readers always seek for “specific” or tangible results, which is why numerical values are more attractive than mere qualitative adjectives. “Increases sales figures by 60%” is always more compelling than “increases sales figures to a great height.” Utilize numerical figures in headings, sub-headings, or the first paragraph to optimize the product value for the readers.

Focus more on benefits

While describing the product, focus on pointing out the benefits instead of just listing out the product’s features. A good example would be- “hypoallergenic mattress cover to keep your home healthy, fresh and disease-free.”

Big “Buy” buttons sell

This is one of the most vital tips to enhance the conversion rate of a sales page. The big “Buy” button has actually been proven through academic research to improve the conversion rate of sales pages. Anything that is bold and large always pulls attention, inducing a dominant effect in the human mind. Thus, the big-size “Belcher buttons” are the most popular and impactful for an optimized sales page design. Perry Belcher, the celebrated designer of this historic button, tested it in 10,000+ transactions & reported 35-320% improvement in conversion rates.

Finally, follow an easy structured layout with compact paragraphs, short sentences and simple fonts. If all NUS business students and entrepreneurs use these tips, they’re bound to have a stellar sales page.