Main Initiatives



We trawl the web for latest outbreaks of infectious diseases in humans globally and report them monthly.
We also perform risk assessment of relevant infectious disease outbreaks using our unique risk assessment matrix tailored for collaborators.

One Health Research

Under this novel approach of examining relationships between animals, humans and the environment they co-exist in, we take note of the disease outbreaks occurring in animals and highlight them in our bi-weekly biosurveillance reports. We also conduct ad-hoc research on zoonotic diseases.

Evidence-based Health Interventions

We systematically review available literature before proposing any health interventions to our partners. These reviews range from literature reviews to meta-analyses and cost-effectiveness analyses.

Epidemiological modelling

We build models for syndromic surveillance and prediction of infectious diseases of concern, and build applications to support the optimisation of our partners’ operational processes.

Outbreak Management

We provide advice to our partners in managing outbreaks, and epidemiological insights into the analysis of risk factors in the outbreak.

Pandemic Preparedness

We provide advice and assessment for our partners in building up pandemic preparedness plan to minimise disruption and health burden to ensure business continuity during an outbreak.



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