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Military Infectious Disease Surveillance (8-14 January 2022)

United States Forces Korea [1-2] 

  • On Jan 8, the USFK raised its health protection condition to ‘Bravo Plus’ peninsula-wide until further notice after recording 682 infections of COVID-19 in the past week. This effectively will ban dining at restaurants outside the bases and visiting indoor areas. Travel to the capital Seoul will be prohibited, except for official duties.  
  • On Jan 12, the number of COVID-19 cases more than doubled over the past week with 1,599 additional cases representing a record high number in its weekly tally. Only 10 of the cases accounted from Jan 4 to 11 were imported. The total number of COVID-19 cases reported among the USFK-affiliated population totaled 4,262 with nearly 90% vaccination rate.

South Korea [3-8] 

  • Between Jan 8 -Jan 14, a total of 135 cases were reported in the military, raising the total caseload among its personnel to 3,553. Currently, 199 military personnel are under treatment and of the total military caseload, 1,733 are breakthrough cases. The cases were reported from the Army (90), Air Force (31), Navy (1), Marine Corps (1), officer of the defense ministry (1) and unit under the direct control of the ministry (11). 

United States Forces Japan [9-12] 

  • On Jan 7, U.S. bases in Japan confirmed 348 new coronavirus cases that accumulated during the week. With 2,123 active cases at 19 of its installations, from Misawa Air Base to Okinawa. Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni reported 501 active cases and another 88 between Jan 7 and Jan 9. Due to increased cases, renewed public health measures were approved for three prefectures effective Jan 9 until Jan 31: Okinawa, Yamaguchi and Iwakuni and neighboring Hiroshima. These measures will keep U.S. military personnel to base facilities except for “essential activities”.  
  • As of Jan 11, U.S. military commands in Japan accounted for nearly 800 cases of COVID-19 over the past six days. Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, confirmed 83 new infections between Jan 9-10, down from 182 cases on Jan 4. Sasebo Naval Base on Kyushu Island reported 66 new cases between Jan 9-10, Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo, reported 179 active cases. 

United States [13-14] 

  • As of January 12, a total of 299,839 cases with 2,378 hospitalizations and 88 deaths have been reported in the US military. There were 97,802 cases in the Army, 66,275 cases in the Navy, 56,765 cases in the Air Force, 43,158 cases in the National Guard, 33,781 cases in the Marine Corps and 2,058 cases in the DoD Agencies.  
  • Three of the 88 service members who have died from COVID-19 complications had received vaccines. Two were partially vaccinated, while another received the single-dose Johnson and Johnson. Maximum number of deaths came in August with the surge in delta variant followed by 14 in September and 12 in October 2021. Forty-one out of 88 COVID-19 deaths in the military have been among Army Reserve members and National Guardsmen although they account for less than a quarter of the military’s total end strength. 

Israel [15] 

  • On Jan 11, two top generals contracted COVID-19 as the number of confirmed cases skyrocketed in the military over the past week. After averaging a few hundred confirmed cases over the course of several weeks, recent days have seen the numbers skyrocket, from 990 on Jan 3, to 1,778 on Jan 6, 3,160 on Jan 9 and 5,187 on Jan 11. All infected individuals have of mild symptoms and 6,231 service members are in home quarantine after coming into contact with an infected person as of Jan 9. 


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