Military Infectious Disease Surveillance (13 – 19 November 2021)

Canada [1]

  • On 18 November, 9 COVID-19 cases have been reported from attending a Petawawa military exercise involving approximately 500 personnel. As a preventive measure, all members involved in this exercise have been instructed to self-isolate, and up to 1,500 of their household and close contacts have also been told to limit their movements in the community, regardless of their vaccination status.

South Korea [2-7] 

  • On 13 November, 8 new cases were reported in the military. This brings the total number of cases reported in the military to 2,118 cases, of which 412 were breakthrough patients. The new cases were reported from 8 different military units, and all but one were breakthrough infections amongst those who are fully vaccinated.
  • On 15 November, 3 new cases were reported from 2 Army officers from Hwacheon and Yeoncheon following their return from their vacation, and another Army officer from Cheorwon who stayed in the same spot with a civilian patient. All new cases were fully vaccinated, and brought the total caseload in South Korea’s military to 2,126 cases.
  • On 16 November, 9 new cases were reported from a Marine Crops draftee in Jeju, an officer in Gwacheon, and an army conscript and Navy officer in Pyeongtaek. The remaining 5 cases tested positive after their family members were infected. This brings the total number of infections in the military to 2,135 cases.
  • On 17 November, 12 new cases were reported in the South Korean military, bringing the total caseload amongst its personnel to 2,147 cases. Of the new cases, 7 service members were infected during their vacations, a civilian employee from the Army unit of Cheorwon was a contact of a previous confirmed case, and an officer based in the ministry compound in Seoul was symptomatic but 60 military personnel who came into contact with the case tested negative.
  • On 18 November, 18 new cases were reported. This includes service members returning from their vacations (7 cases), who were infected from coming into contact with infected people at their bases or in the community (5 cases), and were symptomatic (3 cases). This brings the total number of cases in the military to 2,165 cases.
  • On 18 November, 10 new cases were reported, of which 9 cases were fully vaccinated. Five of the new cases were reported from service members on their vacations, and 3 other cases were picked up during regular COVID-19 examination, was a contact of a previous case, or had a case reported from their base (1 case each). As of 19 November 2021, the South Korean military had reported 2,175 cases amongst its personnel.



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