Global dengue importation: a systematic review


Background: Importation of dengue following globalization presents an emerging threat to global health. However, evidence on global geographical sources and the potential of dengue importation globally are lacking. This study aims to systematically review the sources of dengue importation globally and the risk of dengue outbreaks globally.

Methods: This systematic review was conducted in accordance to Cochrane’s PRISMA guidelines. Articles published through 31 December 2019 with laboratory-confirmed dengue imported cases were consolidated from PubMed, EMBASE and Scopus. Sources of dengue importation reported worldwide were analysed by country and geographical regions. Sources of dengue importation into United States of America and Europe specifically were also analysed.

Results: A total of 3762 articles were found. Among which, 210 articles—documenting 14,972 imported dengue cases with reported sources—were eligible. 76.3% of imported cases worldwide were from Asia. 15.7%, 5.6%, 2.0% and 0.1% were imported from the Americas, Africa, Oceania and Europe regions respectively. Imported dengue cases in the U.S. were from Americas (55.3%), Asia (34.7%), Africa (6.7%) and Oceania (3.3%). Imported dengue cases in Europe were from Asia (66.0%), Americas (21.9%), Africa (10.8%) and Oceania (1.1%).

Conclusion: The potential of dengue outbreaks occurring globally, especially among non-endemic regions with dengue-susceptible populations is high. With the expansion of Aedes mosquito population globally due to global warming and globalisation, dengue importation constitutes an emerging global health security threat.

Citation: Gwee, X.W.S., Chua, P.E.Y. & Pang, J. Global dengue importation: a systematic review. BMC Infect Dis 21, 1078 (2021).

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