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Military Infectious Disease Surveillance (25 September – 1 October 2021)

[1-3] United States Forces Japan

·       On 24 Sept, the US military installation in Japan reported 29 new cases of which 24 cases were from Kaden Air Base on Okinawa since 18 Sept, four cases were from Yokota since 21 Sept and one case from Yokosuka since 21 Sept.

·       On 24 Sept, the USFJ reported less than 160 cases on all 15 US bases with eight installations on Okinawa accounting for around 100 cases.

·       On 28 Sept, Yokosuka Naval Base reported three new cases since 24 Sept.

·       On 30 Sept, the US military in Japan reported seven new cases with one case in Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and six cases identified since 22 Sept in the US Army Japan.

[4] United States Forces Korea

·       On 24 Sept, the USFK reported six new cases consisting of five American service members and a US DoD contractor who were tested positive upon arriving in South Korea this month. This increase the total cases among the USFK-affiliated population to 1,441.

[5-10] South Korea

·       On 25 Sept, eight service members and an Army civilian employee have been tested positive bringing the total cases among the military population to 1,732. Of the total cases, seven cases (1 airman, 2 Marines, 3 soldiers and an Army civilian employee) had contracted the virus during or after a vacation while the others were identified after displaying symptoms.

·       On 27 Sept, two Army soldiers were reported positive for coronavirus bringing the total cases among the military population to 1,739. One of the soldiers in Inje had contact with an infected individual in the base and the other soldier in Incheon was identified after displaying symptoms.

·       On 28 Sept, the defense ministry reported four new cases consisting of three service members and a civilian worker. One officer affiliated with South Korea-United States Combined Forces Command in Seoul and another two Army officers in Seoul and Goyang were tested positive following the identification of infected family member. The civilian worker in Seoul had contracted the virus after having contact with an infected colleague. This brings the total cases among the military population to 1,743.

·       On 29 Sept, the defense ministry reported 12 new cases consisting of 11 Army soldiers and a Navy sailor bringing the total cases in the military population to 1,755. Six soldiers and the sailor were infected during or after the vacation, an officer was identified before transfer to another unit and the remaining cases were identified after displaying symptoms or having contact with an infected individual.

·       On 30 Sept, 11 new cases were reported from 10 Army soldiers and an Air Force officer bringing the total cases in the military population to 1,766. Six soldiers in Yanggu were tested positive in quarantine after a vacation, four officers from Yangu, Inje, Chuncheon and Damyang had developed symptoms and the Air force officer from Chungju had contact with an infected family member.

·       On 1 Oct, 10 new cases were reported from nine service members and a Marine Corps civilian employee bringing the total cases in the military population to 1,776.

[11, 12] United States

·       As of 22 Sept, 52 service members had died from Covid-19 complication and none of them were fully vaccinated. There were eight deaths in August and nine deaths thus far in Sept as compared to one or two death each month previously. The military Covid-19 mortality rate is now just over 0.02 but 50 times higher compared to previous surges last year. About 10% of the service members have been diagnosed.

·       As of 29 Sept, a total of 244,319 cases with 2,227 hospitalisations and 58 deaths have been reported in the US military. There were 85,030 cases in the Army, 47,588 cases in the Navy, 42,198 cases in the Air Force, 39,812 cases in the National Guard, 28,133 cases in the Marine Corps and 1,558 cases in the DoD Agencies.


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