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Steps to apply a N3 license for new users
    • Firstly, for new students, you should take the Safety Trainning and Risk Assement Trainning Program. OSHE will email you for details in time.
    • Then you should take the online module OSHRAD02 for LASER training at IVLE. Details can be found at the website of OSHE and IVLE.
    • After you pass the above three trainnings from OSHE and get the three certificates, you need to contact the safety officer (Ms. Tang Fenglin) of FOE to get further assistance.They will give you a detailed instruction on how to get a N3 license.
    • Download the request for funding of occupational health medical services form and N3 application form</a. Fill both forms and get apporved from OSHE occupational health staff atUHC. Then submit the forms to UHC clinic at ground floor to get a eye check.
    • Once you have completed the eye check from UHC, you will need to print N3 application form from NEA website. Once all the documents (i.e. UHC medical checkup, NEA N3 application form, passport, permit, NUS matric card and cheque) are ready, you can submit to the safety unit for recording and submission to NEA.

Please note that ALL members who need to operate LASERs have to get a license. This is restricted by Singapore Law.