Welcome to the NanoThermal Engineering Lab @ NUS!

We are a research group led by Prof. Yee Kan KOH at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Currently, all members in the group are affiliated to the Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME), but we certainly welcome students and researchers in the area of Materials Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering, etc. to join us. Our research is in the area of nanoscale energy transport and conversion. Specifically, we are investigating on:

  • Mechanisms of heat transport in nanostructured solids.
  • Thermal transport across solid/solid and solid/liquid interfaces,
    including across graphene and self-assembled monolayers.
  • Development of new thermoelectric materials for waste heat harvesting
    and solid-state refrigeration.

We are mainly experimentalists and we are pursuing these research goals through material growth, device fabrication and characterization. Most of our characterization experiments are performed using home-built instruments, for example the time-domain thermoreflectance setup (see picture below).
Occasionally, we do theoretical calculations to help us understand our experimental results.

A time-domain thermoreflectance (TDTR) setup