Class Notes Template


Topic of Class

(Replace this text with a 150 word summary written in clear, precise and grammatical English. What were some of the most important issues discussed in class today? You can also choose to write a general topic summary and then have smaller side topics branching off from the general topic.)


(Replace this text with a key example from class that relates to the topics which we discussed, e.g. extracts from the text etc. It should not be too long. Add a few sentences explaining how this relates to the topics discussed.)

Connections with Other Topics from Other Weeks

(Replace this text with how the topics from this class added to our discussion from previous weeks, and how this was done.)

How to write a Zotero reference

General Notes and Guidelines

For more information on zotero, please check out

For help using zotero, you can look at this page with screencasts:

To participate in our Group bibliography, you need to use zotero 2.0 and Mozilla firefox.

Our group name is  “Modernism and Empire Semester 1 09” and can be found using the search function in zotero groups. You need to have a zotero account (please use your NUS email to sign up). I will email you invitations to join the group bibliography.  If you do not receive an invitation to join the group, please email me.

I have written a sample entry in our class bibliography that can serve as a guide:

Kai Mikkonen, ‘The modernist traveller in Africa: Africanism and the European author’s self-fashioning’, European Review, 13 (2005), 115-125.

There are several components to writing a zotero entry

1. Metadata–the basic bibliographic information for the source

2. Tags–any possible associations you think the source might have (e.g. “colonialism”, “race”, “feminism”, “Third World”, “aesthetics”, “Kant” etc.)

3. Related items–please “relate” your items to the primary text (already in the group bibliography), and any other secondary/primary texts that you feel may be of use.


What your notes should look like:

  • Your name
  • Summary of work
  • Evaluation of work
  • Questions the work brings up
  • Connections of the work to other texts we have read/you have read on your own
  • Any other important notes
  • [Item 1-4 are mandatory; items 5-6 are optional. The note can be as long as you like, but should be a minimum of about 150 words]


The fieldwork component in class will consist of external research that you do for your presentation.

For your presentation, you will need to find five secondary sources (books or articles) on the primary or secondary texts that we will be using for discussion on the day of the presentation. For example, if we are reading Heart of Darkness (the primary text) and Chinua Achebe’s article An Image of Africa (the secondary text) on the day that you present, you will need to find five sources on Heart of Darkness, or Chinua Achebe’s article (or a combination of both).

These sources should be entered into the ZOTERO shared bibliography for Modernism and Empire.

    How to Write a Blog Entry


    1. Please keep your blog entry to under 250 words.

    2. Your blog entry should be a personal reflection on the texts we have read for the week.

    3. The clearer and more jargon-free your entry, the better your entry will be.

    4. Try to avoid quoting/citing other scholars’ ideas in your blog entry. The entry is only 250 words long, and your personal thoughts have to show clearly! Sometimes when we cite other peoples’ ideas, we neglect making our own clear. Citations and references to other scholarship are important, but this area will be a critical part of other assignments such as your final essay.

    5. Important:

    • Please TAG your entry for the week with your last name and first name, e.g. Lim, Alan.
    • You can also tag your entry with anything else you find relevant to your post, e.g. “colonialism”, “race”, “whiteness”, “love”, etc.
    • Please CATEGORIZE your entry for the week under the PRIMARY text for the week, e.g. under “Heart of Darkness.”


    7. Again, please remember that your blog entries will not be formally graded, but I will post very brief comments on your entry to let you know that I have seen them. Don’t fret if I only comment “seen” on your entry! There are a lot of posts, and I may not have time to extensively comment on what are very interesting posts.

    8. The blog entries are due by midnight of the Wednesday before class. Late/missed entries WILL affect your participation grade for class.

    Welcome to Modernism and Empire!

    Greetings, students for EN4880B, and welcome to your own personal discussion forum! I look very much forward to reading what all of you have to say about the subject.

    Feel free to use this site to air any ideas, random thoughts or feelings that you may have about what we will be discussing in class this semester!