Note-taking for the 12th.

The first half of class involved Michelle’s and KY’s presentation that focused on nationalism and language. Some of the major questions were how language is a tool of colonialism, and how is it a tool of nationalism? During KY’s presentation and subsequent discussion the focus switched to what he brought up in his last slide. We discussed modernism as it is linked to the 18C philosophy of individualism. This, in turn, led to the question of whether or not Joyce as a colonized writer is proposing a more traditional brand of nationalism or one that embraces the colonial past. During the second half of the class, we heard Rebekah and Praseeda’s presentation on the figure of the artist. This involved thinking of the artist as a product of modernity who exhibits “symptoms” of someone who lives in the urban metropolis. This presentation also discussed the role of the epiphany and how it engages with or reacts to exile. Epiphanies separates character from their authors and exiles from their past.


The main example used in the second half of class was that of Daedalus and Icarus, and how Stephen thought of himself as both. There was also the example of an epiphany when Stephen saw the woman in the sea and how it made him accept his own nature.

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