Funny ineffectual kickback

I was very amused when I read the moment when Flory decided to get out of self-pity and do something productive such as shoot the dog that had been baying at him and preventing him from sleeping. All he got for that was a bruise, due to the kickback of the gun which was supposed to do violence upon the “pariah” dog but the violence rebounded on him and did little but to scare it. This rather exemplifies what the Europeans have been doing in Burma, some ineffectual attempts at robbing the natives blind under the guise of productivity and the spirit of enterprise. As a result, so many of them are drunk, and I suspect sleepless due to the guilt baying at them which they only respond to by more violence to the natives which results in something nastier thrown back at themselves. All the continuous efforts to hurl insults at the natives at the club reflects desperate attempts to be reaffirmed and justified of wrongdoings even as there is a call for greater suppression of the insolent natives.

It is also strange how the sahibs call the natives niggers, just like those whom they consider to be social outcasts back home despite them having moved to a different geographical location. Perhaps this goes to show the great irony of trying to bring enlightenment to the natives all the while striving to keep the progress of democracy back home away from them. The colonies seem to be an ideal paradise for those with outmoded thoughts to run to and remain tyrants and savages.

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