Reflection on Session1

Thank you so much for attending the first session in May. There were two presentations done by Chuan Fei and Mihi. We had 15 participants from Centre for language studies, Geography, Philosophy, Political Science, South East Asian studies, and Psychology, and had a heated discussion for more than 2 hours. We are also collecting feedback from the participants to follow-up the group discussion. We learnt from each other, and it provoked us go further in designing courses in coming semester.

I would like to share some of suggestions after the session. We love to work with the suggestions so that this community could benefit us, the educators at FASS in teaching and learning. Thank you for the insightful suggestions.

  1. Track and follow the past sessions and presentations. –> The current blog was created based on this suggestions. I think it is a great idea to record what we are doing for us and others.
  2. More time for discussion and only one presentation per session –> Based on our first Session, we definitely needed longer time for a discussion. We could start with a provoking presentation, followed by a discussion/group discussion.
  3. List potential topics that people can potentially talk about –> Great! We can come up with potential topics in the following session.

And thank you for your generous and kind feedback for the presentations. Very happy to know that the session was helpful and motivating the colleagues. Hope to see you again in the following session soon.