[Topic5] Me before ONL 202, and after ONL 202

At each of four topics in ONL, Digital literacy, Open learning, Learning in communities, and Online & blended learning, the discussion and the webinar were always beyond what I expected to have.

Digital Literacy

For instance, in digital literacy, I realised that I have been just agreeing with people saying ‘students are good with technology. They would feel comfortable with learning online.’ without thinking what it would really mean. From week 1, digital literacy in education does not mean how frequently you are using technology in everyday life. It is more purposeful, like how well would you adopt the technology to maximise learning outcome. This discussion made me look back if I had any assumption in designing the course with with any technology. I will definitely think of this concept and the knowledge that I acquired from this topic when I need to incorporate any technology in teaching and learning.

Open Learning

Open learning concept was something quite new to me too. I had some reservation about open education. But from the discussion and recommended reading, I learnt some aspects of open education. It is not only limited to open my course to public, but open education may mean various level of openness and may include various stake-holders in openness. Therefore, under open education concept, I may consider inviting learners as a co-creator of the course, or inviting colleagues to get feedback.

Collaborative learning

From the discussion on Collaborative learning, our PBL indeed learn it collaboratively. At the beginning we realised that we presented various views toward collaborative learning, and we could work for the final product of PBL while collaboration. I used to look at ‘collaborative learning’ as a group work, but from the experience with my PBL group, I learnt that collaboration could happen in many forms. Also, from reading, I learnt to prepare the detailed and specific guideline for collaboration among students.

Blended learning

The Community of Inquiry was the model to consider for Blended learning. It was a really interesting framework to explain my blended course, in how to engage students and promote reflective learning. It was one of my utmost interest in designing an online course recently.

In conclusion, ONL experience helped to explain myself, and to see through new lenses. I used to focus on WHAT and HOW I have to do, but often forgot WHY I have to do it along the way. ONL indeed reminded of WHY and HOW, which I really appreciate.

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  1. I’m so glad you have found the course useful and hope you can build on this in your own work in the future. Consider using this blog, or a new one, to reflect on your teaching in the future.

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