Wavelet and PDE for Image Processing

In this series of papers, fundamental connections between the wavelet frame-based approach and variational methods were established. In particular, connections to the total variation model were established in [4,2], and to the Mumford-Shah model was established in [3]. Furthermore, we established a generic connection between iterative wavelet frame thresholding methods and general nonlinear evolution PDE models in [1]. We showed that wavelet frame transforms are discretizations of both variational and a generic type of nonlinear evolution PDE models that include the Perona-Malik equation and the shock filters.  Hence,  various PDE-based models can be understood as applying different thresholding\shimkage operators in the iterative thresholding algorithm on wavelet frame coefficients. This new understanding essentially merged the two seemingly unrelated areas: wavelet frame-based approach and PDE-based approach. It also gave birth to many innovative and more effective image restoration models and algorithms for various applications

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