Constructions using Box Splines

The multivariate wavelets started from [10] where we constructed orthonormal wavelets using box splines. Then, we designed compactly supported pre-wavelet in [9], wavelets from the loop scheme in [3], and wavelets with small support in [1] using box splines. Such wavelets were used in applications such as computer graphics where only one of the analysis\synthese operators is needed. When both analysis and synthesis operators are used, we need a compactly supported wavelet system with a compactly supported dual system. This motivated our work on compactly supported multivariate biorthogonal wavelets in [4, 5].  One of the key steps in constructing biorthogonal wavelets is to construct interpolatory subdivision schemes. The analysis of the interpolatory subdivision scheme constructed in [6] led to our work on the characterizations of properties of refinable functions in terms of refinement masks,

The wavelet systems discussed here are non-redundant multiresolution analysis based systems, i.e. orthonormal wavelet systems or  Riesz wavelet systems with dual wavelet systems. The constructions are not so simple, while the constructions of redundant multiresolution analysis based systems, such as tight frames and bi-frames, are much simpler thanks to the extension principles.

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