Applications of Wavelets

Image and Video Processing
The wavelet frame-based models and algorithms developed from image denoising [4,6], deblurring [3,12,15], and inpainting [10] were modified to adapt to many other tasks in image processing, such as phase retrieval in [1],   X-ray computed tomography reconstructions in [2, 8], 3D reconstruction in electron microscopy in  [5], recovering over/under-exposed regions in photographs in [7], image demosaicing in [9], restoration of chopped and nodded images in infrared astronomy in [11], and blind deblurring. They were also modified for applications in video processing in [13,14] and analysis. (see also e.g. survey papers.)

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Surface Fitting and Segmentation
We combined the level set methods for surface fitting and segmentation with wavelet frame methods in image processing to obtain efficient algorithms for surface fitting and segmentation. The level set method catches global smooth components and the wavelet method extracts local features. We were inspired by the understanding of both wavelet and PDE approaches gained from some of our early work that connects the wavelet frame-based model with various partial differential models.


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Applications in Science and Engineering
The wavelet frame-based models and algorithms developed for image, video, and surface processing can be modified to adapt to many other applications in science and engineering.

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