• Current module: Academic year 2022-2023 (Semester II)
    • Module: DSA5203 Visual Information Processing and Interpretation
      Venue: LT20
      Time: 02:00PM–05:00PM, Saturday
      Website: CANVAS
    • Module: MA4268 Mathematics for Visual Data Processing [2220]
      Venue: S1A-0217
      Time: 02:00PM–04:00PM, Tuesday & Thursday
      Website: CANVAS
  • Past modules
    • DSA5203 Visual Data Processing and Interpretation
    • QF5208 AI and Fintech
    • QF5206A Machine Learning in Finance
    • MA5241 Computational Harmonic Analysis
    • MA5242 Wavelets
    • MA5232 Mathematical Modeling and Simulations
    • GS6004 Vision and Perception
    • MA4272 Mathematical Tools for Data Science
    • MA4268 Mathematics in Visual Data Processing
    • MA4227 Approximation Theory
    • MA3227 Numerical Analysis II
    • CZ1102  Problem solving and Computation
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