I have the privilege of learning with a diverse group of colleagues with a wealth of knowledge and skills in TEL. My Group 6 teammates taught me lots of things, some of which were applied in my own lessons with teaching assistants. I found the conversations we had every week and the online resources that were shared in the group, very rich and useful. Thank you everyone in Group 6!

I’m just going to share in this blogpost, how I adopted a strategy that was used in our PBL Gp 6 activity. This collaborative learning strategy was introduced by Isabel Tarling and involves using an online e-book (Bookcreator.com) to allow students to work together, to share ideas and co-create learning artifacts by documenting in one interactive platform. 

In my lesson, I got teaching assistants (undergraduates who will be supporting their supervisors in teaching duties) to work together in groups of 3 to come up with an outline of an example of how they implement active learning activity in their tutorials. The aim of this exercise is to involve the teaching assistants in active learning and in turn, allow them to reflect on this experience and to understand how active learning can be implemented in their own teaching practice.

The e-book activity turned out to be a success and the teaching assistants were able to collaborate actively in planning and sharing about active learning strategies.