The Most Strategic Hunters of the Great Ocean

The Most Strategic Hunters of the Great Ocean


Photograph by Gerard Lacz/Animals Animals—Earth Scenes

“Killer Whale” is what people and media call them. However, this mammals is actually are the largest dolphins kind with the scientific name is “Orcinus orca“. A mature Killer Whale has the length of a school bus and weight up to six tons. The average lifespan of this giant is ranges from 50 to 80 years.

Killer Whales are one of the most powerful and successful predators in the sea or even in the wild world that humans have ever known about. Their food includes some marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, sometime they eat fish, squid, and seabirds, sometimes even whales. A tooth of this sea’s nightmare can be four inches long (ten centimeters). Killer Whales live and hunt in big group about 40 individuals.


The reason of calling Killer Whales are the smartest hunter of the Ocean is the statistic they work together to hunt down a prey located on a big ice floe.

Watch this video for the full interesting hunting progress: Killer Whales “Wave Wash” Seal

They swim together in the same curve path in order to make waves. The use of these waves is for some reasons which are reducing ice floe size, clearing the ice around the floe, moving the target floe into open water, and the most important one is to wave washing the prey into the ocean. After the seal falling down into the water, the predators need to hurt and take the prey by the tail with the purpose of making the seal unable to swim quickly, but this job is not that easy. Therefore, the Killer Whales use another technique that they make bubble bursting around the seal to attack it easily. Some of the whales diving under the seal and start blowing a bubble while some others use their tail and body slap on the water surface. Within this blur scene, the fierce hunters quickly have their achievement.

Killer Whales swim together to make wave ( )

Wave break ice and knock seals fall into the water (

Wave break ice and knock seals fall into the water (

Beyond that, these seals hunter also train their young members of this technique and keep standing at the top as one of the most successful predator in the world.

Watch this video for the full interesting hunting progressKiller Whales teach their young males





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