Five Things About First Year Essentials Programme This Semester

This article concludes the orientations done……

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The season of orientation has come to an end! This July to August, students and staff from various faculties got together in the name of learning and fun to become independent and self-sufficient researchers! The library held a series of activities including workshops and tours to share how you can use the library. 😁

5 workshops were held for 176 participants from various faculties, the largest numbers coming from the faculties/schools of College of Design and Engineering, Science, Arts & Social Sciences, Computing and Business!

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4 library clusters got together to plan and implement the programme. The team comprised research librarians from various disciplines developing content for the workshops, librarians managing operations for the space and logistics, librarians from the e-resources, cataloguing and special collections providing fun facts about our awesome collections and ensured all the backend databases were running smoothly, and the communications team who publicised the events!

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3 tours + 1 special tour for CHS were held for 200 participants to learn more about Central Library. Students who got lucky in the treasure hunt during these tours walked away with limited edition NUS Libraries freebies!

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2 content sources you can always refer to whenever you need help! Read our Library Essentials Resource Guide to get started on using the library. Watch the Workshop if you want an in-depth introduction of the common resources that you can use at the library!

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1 gem of a talent was discovered during our library tours! A biomedical engineer researcher by training, Dr David Chee’s musical side came to life as he played the piano at the Central Library lobby to serenade the students during our orientation tours! Many many hearts of appreciation and admiration to David’s beautiful piano music! You can find him playing the piano at Engineering at times too!

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Now take part in our Instagram contest to tell us what you love about our library! There are upcoming escape room activities in October too! The contest runs till the end of October 2022 and top 5 submissions will win attractive vouchers $_$

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Library’s version FTW!


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