Let’s Make It Copy-RIGHT

Can you re-use images from Google? What can you copy? And how do you credit content owners? We put together a suite of guides to help you understand copyright basics, re-use, permissions, attribution and more.

Resources Guides on Copyright and Attribution

copyright in teaching, learning and research

Copyright information for teaching staff, students and researchers.
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copyright for MOOCs

Permitted uses, attributions and copyright permissions for public-facing MOOCs.
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free-use online content

Databases containing free content, license information and attribution tools.
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To summarise, simply follow these 4 simple tips to avoid copyright issues:

pencil iconSelf-Created Content

If in doubt, always create your own content (illustrations, charts, tables, graphs) from scratch. There is no copyright issue if you own the content.

hyperlink iconProvide Hyperlinks

Provide simple hyperlinks. This way, you aren’t copying and there’s no copyright infringement. Caution: Frame-linking, and creating links to infringing works should be avoided.

creative commons iconCreative Commons or Other Open Licenses

Rely on openly licensed content. Caution: ensure that the content is not itself infringing!

key iconObtain Permission

If you wish to use copyrighted content, and that content is not available under an open license that you qualify for, write to the owner for permission!

If you are a NUS student or staff requiring more information on copyright education and awareness at NUS, please contact askalib@nus.edu.sg.

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