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MAR 2022 | ISSUE 45
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Here’s Your Reading Summary

Your gut health is incredibly important in helping control digestion and plays an important role in your mental and emotional wellbeing. For a closer understanding on your gut, here are four interesting articles/books to read.

This Week’s Reads:
Gut Health & Microbiomes

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Deeper understanding of psychological, social and cultural factors and the brain–gut–microbiome axis will contextualise its role in humans.

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Why the microbiome –our rich inner ecosystem of microorganisms– may hold the keys to human health.

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Gut microbiome research is changing the way some environmental health scientists view the effects of environmental exposures on neurodevelopment.

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Neurobiological stress research continues to be a driving force for scientific progress in gastroenterology
Literary Journal
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Ancient Stories Retold

Sushi and Tapas – A review by Daphne Yow.

Stories have the power to inspire, empower, connect, and even make us feel less alone. In this week’s article, Daphne Yow reviews Sushi and Tapas, a compilation of short stories by Pepukaye Bardouille and Neo Gim Huay. Among the various emotional and insightful stories, she chooses three that left the strongest impression on her. Head over to our website now!

Ancient Stories Retold

Kokoro – A review by Elijah.

At the heart of Japan’s momentous power forward into the new age of modernity lies the often intangible aspects of what it means to progress as a whole.

In this week’s article, Elijah explores the question of love amidst incredible change, and what it means to continue loving without judgement through a keen analysis on Natsume Soseki’s most prized novel, Kokoro.

If you want to know more about the intimate intricacies of loving, learning, and growing, you won’t want to miss out on this fantastic story set in the early Taisho period of pre-war Japan. To read more, head over to our website now!

Ancient Stories Retold

Mental Health in Books – In this article, Preetea explores three different titles related to Mental Health.

Firstly, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy by Lawrence Wallace, a book that revolves around the CBT technique that is used for several mental illnesses including depression by therapists.

Next, The Mind-Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer, one that explores the connection between our gut health and our emotions, which is an interesting way of looking at how what we eat has a direct impact on our mood.

Lastly, The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk is a heavier read dealing with trauma and its effects on the body.

To read more, head over to our website now!

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