Please Help Me – Post-Game Commentary & Announcement of Prize Winners

Inspired to bring the library closer to the NUS community, the background of this game was set in the library. Game participants played the role of library student assistants to help a mysterious entity at nightfall. The team pursued a vintage but fully online video game concept for the escape room theme, a refreshing switch from the usual online video conferencing platforms.

Due to the popularity of the games, the slots were snapped up within a day, so the team opened a handful of evening slots closer to Halloween week. The games were held between 11 to 29 Oct 2021 covering 47 sessions for 167 bushy-tailed players. A few teams emerged as master sleuths within an hour amidst the TEL Imaginarium team’s attempts to spook players and mess with their brains!

We hope the players who played now know more about what NUS Libraries and TEL Imaginarium do! =P

Here’s a word cloud showing what the participants had to say about their game experience.

And a good ol’ excel generated neon tree map showing the reasons why the participants played. In case you are wondering what those miniscule fonts are at the corner of the chart, they read “Fun”, “Played it before” and “Pixel style!” 😊

Participants who played the team’s previous escape room games thought Please Help Me was more difficult albeit more interactive and ‘upgraded’ as compared to the previous games, Hello from the Other Side and Who Killed Libra?

The clear consensus is the game has been a challenging one so……we will be having a rerun of the game again in early 2022 (January to February) for those who seek revenge or want to prove their wits!

Finally, the top victeams of Please Help Me.

We also prepared some special prizes for the victeams that played with a flair.

Best Teamwork – for exploiting every team mate to full efficiency

Out-of-the-Box – for connecting the dots across various famous but dead people, hey we learnt some cool new trivia!

Most Apt Team Name – for choosing a name that fits the game’s spooky theme and your current life status at NUS

Music Connoisseur – for sharing your taste in music and appreciating rhythm in a chaotic mess

Most Entertaining – for displaying unfaltering persistence as one of NUS’ brightest minds and providing hypotheses and proposals for how the game can possibly turn out

Outliers – For beating the 3-sigma odds and progressing extensively into the game after your team numbers fell below minimum viability

Winning victeams will be receiving an email for more information about the collection of prize vouchers.

The TEL Imaginarium Team would like to thank everyone who participated.

Hauntingly yours,


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