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Kicking off this month’s theme on culture, we have four fresh reads on the topic of cultural appreciation vs cultural appropriation. Cultural appreciation occurs when one understands and learns about another culture in order to facilitate cross-cultural communication and to broaden their understanding of the world. However, cultural appropriation occurs when one uses one aspect of a culture that does not belong to one for their personal interest. It often becomes even more controversial when appropriation is carried out by a majority group against minority cultures. Enjoy the newsletter to learn more about the topic.

This Week’s Reads:
Cultural Appreciation VS Appropriation

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The author argues that there are three potential harms with cultural appropriation: nonrecognition, misrecognition, and exploitation. Discerning whether these harms are present or absent offers a means of placing specific instances of cultural appropriation on a spectrum of harmfulness and it may be avoided.

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This article discusses the key modes of cultural appropriation as diffusion, acculturation, and assimilation, often situated within conceptions of cultural property and cultural heritage. It emphasizes the metacultural discourse that marks instances of cultural appropriation and the inequality that often characterizes the parties to such episodes.

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This paper analyses visual culture in social media and art in classrooms from the perspectives of both cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. The author hopes that the methods and questions discussed will help teachers and students to move from cultural appropriation to cultural appreciation.

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In this article, the author considers the kimono protests in the 2015 Boston Museum of Fine Arts an occasion to consider the contemporary debates about cultural appropriation and appreciation. She proposes a theatrical ethic of ‘inappropriation’ as a means of moving discourse beyond appreciation and appropriation.
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Ancient Stories Retold

SCP: Secure, Contain, Protect – Take a peek into the mysterious SCP foundation for a glimpse into what potentially lies beyond our perceived reality.

In this week’s ReadNUS article, Natalie Lem shares about the burgeoning internet collaborative fiction sensation, the creepy and mysterious SCP Foundation.

Curious about what objects and strange entities violate our natural laws? SCP Wiki is an internet forum of collective fiction dedicated to documenting fictional paranormal occurrences. To introduce you to this fascinating collaborative community, Natalie will bring you through its general premise and analyse an SCP article in all its gruesome glory.

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