SciVal – What is it? 


In this upcoming series of blog posts, we will be going through some of the features in SciVal and how it can help you in your research. Some of the questions that we will address using SciVal are: 

  • How well do I perform among other researchers in a specific subject? 

  • Who are the potential collaborators in a specific subject? 

  • What are the current trends in research?


SciVal is a research analytics tool that provides access to the research performance of over 20,000 research institutions and their associated researcher from more than 230 nations worldwide. SciVal, which is based on Scopus data, enables you to visualize your research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop strategic partnerships and analyse research trends.


SciVal provides an all in one, birds eye view of an individual or institution performance in the Overview module. In this module, a summary of the research performance such as scholarly output, citation count, authors and other performance indicators are displayed. It also has additional information such as economic impact and societal impact.


Select your desired year range (3-years, 5-years or 10-years) and filter by your desired subject areas to customise the information to your needs. 

The following figures show some of the charts and metrics that are available in the Overview module.

Figure 1: The summary tab in Overview module displays the overall research performance of the institution 


Figure 2: The Topics tab lists all the topics that the institutions are active in 


Figure 3: The Societal Impact tab reports the media exposure of the publications in an institution 

Access to SciVal 

How to access SciVal? Go to our library portal and search for SciVal under the Databases tab. Log in with your Elsevier account (or create one). 

Refer to our FAQ for the detailed instructions to access SciVal 


In SciVal homepage, you will see five main modules: Overview, Benchmarking, Collaboration, Trends and Reporting. 


Get an overview of the research performance of institutions or researchers 


Compare institutions or researchers’ strengths and areas for improvement through a diverse array of metrics and subject areas 


Identify and analyze existing and potential collaboration opportunities based on publication output and citation impact 


Analyze research trends to discover key researchers, rising stars and current developments in fields of interest 


Create analyses from across the modules to create uniquely tailored Reports 


In our upcoming blogs, we will be delving into the different features from each module. If you are interested to know more about what SciVal has to offer, look out for the second part of our blog series next on using SciVal for benchmarking. If you need more assistance on Research Impact Measurement, refer to our library guide here:  


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