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To pay homage to the bustling literary scene in Singapore, ReadNUS celebrated Singlit month in August by exploring four titles from beloved Singaporean literary figures. In keeping with the theme of Singapore Literature, this week’s newsletter provided by NUS Libraries explores four riveting Singapore Literature Reads to broaden our reading horizons.

This Week’s Reads:
Singapore Literature

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Heng Siok Tian’s first volume of poems, divided into three parts: “Interiors’, ‘Words’ and ‘Sights & Sounds’.

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Baratham’s socio-political critiques are ‘peopled’ by characters from virtually every background and class—with their frustrated hopes, wild illusions and excesses.

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A collection of essays and two novels by critically acclaimed Singaporean writer Philip Jeyaretnam.

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The second collection of poems by Cyril Wong explores the tensions of relationships and the rich emptiness of urban life, with odes and elegies to parents, lovers, and friends.
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Ancient Stories Retold

Explore the wistful enigma that is the Kappa Quartet – Natalie discusses her take on Kappa Quartet, a charming novel written by Daryl Qilin Yam. Natalie writes: “Kappa Quartet is an intriguing infusion between both Singapore and Japanese culture, harkening to Yam’s experience studying at the University of Tokyo for a year. Rather than following the perspective of a single character, Yam chooses to weave an overarching narrative amongst a wide selection of characters, set between both Singapore and Japan. In a way, the novel acts as an anthology, where each chapter serves as a character study where readers are able to peer into the hearts of the characters that Yam gives a brief window into. Though fleeting, I feel these snippets into a certain group of individuals are enough to give a good sense of each character’s motivations and feelings.” To read more, head over to our website now!

Orientalism's Interlocutors

Inheritance – Daphne presents her analysis of award winning author Balli Kaur Jasawal’s Inheritance.

In this article, Daphne breaks down Inheritance into its underlying themes, and marvels at its ability to pull its readers into the complex family dynamic of the traditional Punjabi family at the heart of this novel. To read more, head over to our website now!


Reading with the ReadNUS Team – To build enthusiasm about the practice of reading widely, our Editorial team shares their personal favourite titles, reading habits and more in this light-hearted article. To read more, head over to our website now!

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