Directory of S.E. Asian Towns with Roads & Streets (东南亚地名街名录)

东南亚地名街名录 or Directory of S.E. Asian Towns with Roads & Streets was published in 1952 by the Nantao Publishing House. Edited by Pan Xing Nong (潘醒农), it  was the first directory of its kind published in Singapore.

There are many sections in this directory. Two sections in particular received the lion’s share of this book. The first is the “Names of Places of S.E. Asia”, which lists the names of places in Singapore, Federation of Malaya, Borneo, Indonesia, Thailand, Indo-China, the Philippines, Burma and India.

The second major section is the “List of Roads and Streets of Towns in S.E. Asia”. It has a very comprehensive listing of the roads and streets in Singapore, and in parts of Malaya, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

The directory also contains sections that list the native names of the roads and streets in Singapore, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. For instance, Bukit Pasoh Road was once known as 二奶街 (Mistress Street), a reminder of its colorful past when wealthy merchants kept their mistresses in residences along the street. These native names describe the characteristics and reflect the history and culture of the roads and streets.

There are some other useful sections in this directory, including maps of countries, territories and streets in Southeast Asia.

This directory is handy for researchers who want to have a quick reference for Chinese names of places or streets in Southeast Asia.

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